October 24, 2006

  • 9:17 AM (CST)

    Hey all!  Man it's been a hella long time, huh?  Not quite two months, at least :)   Funny how someone can go from, like, 5 posts a day to 2 months of silence.

    Anyway, sorry for that.  I've definitely been around and been  busy with stuff, so I've had an excuse, i suppose.

    So...what have I been up to?  Hmm

    Work's been crazy.  Things aren't really working, but time is passing me by and progress is expected by my bosses.  not the best situation to be in. 

    I was learning Korean for awhile; didn't excactly stop, but have taken a break since things got busier.  I was making pretty good progress though.  Learned the alphabet and started building up my vocab.

    Back in May I was asked to lead the band at a new church service my church was starting, and that begun on September 10th.  It's been crazy being part of a new service...it's almost like planting a church.  It's at a totally separate site from UAG (The HUB on Springfield and Gregory), and we have the actual sermon broadcast on video.  but everything else is live, including the music, which is what I'm in charge of.  Had to build up a band, learn a bunch of songs with them, etc etc.  It's been really good though.  Things are growing, slowly but surely!

    11AM, Sunday's, at the HUB.  Come see me play crazy worship music :)   Stay for coffee and a donut.  or 3.   http://www.urbanaassembly.org/hub.html

    Been listening to tons of music, as usual.  September and October were good months.  new Beck, Decemberists, Killers, Pernice Brothers, Joseph Arthur, and lots of other crazy stuff.  Good times.

    Well, this is the most I've written in months, so I'll turn in here.  Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow :)


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