August 28, 2006

  • 10:37 AM (CST)

    Busy weekend.  Johnnyork show on Saturday went well.  Having rehearsal that afternoon and then playing that night was rough though – it felt like I played two shows.  We had 4 groupies!  whoot!  Went to Merry Anns with the band after, and everyone except me got something covered in cheese:

    Earlier in the afternoon, before our show, I went to the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival with Neil, our bassist, and met a couple of our friends, including our drummer, down there.  We watched Living Blue play – I’ve been seeing them steadily play around town for 4 years now.  They used to be called the Blackouts.  Honestly, I liked them better years ago, maybe b/c so much was new to me, or maybe because they actually sounded a little less professional/weary :

    Getting up for church on Sunday was a little rough b/c we didn’t get from MA’s till kinda late, but it worked out. 

    Watched Finding Nemo yesterday, which was pretty funny actually.  er, preeeeeetttttyyyy funnnnnnyyyyyy.  My friend Darla is even in the movie:

    Ooo first Excel of the semester tonight.  7PM, at the HUB on Springfield, one block west of Lincoln. 

    Ciao (on my moterbyke!)

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