July 28, 2007


    10:53 PM (CST)

    Well…it’s been quite some time eh?  I suppose by now it’s no secret that I have another blog.  Of course, I haven’t been updating that one as much either.

    You know what’s happened?  Facebook has taken over my life.  And I didn’t even mean it to.  It’s just that I get an email every time someone blinks.  It’s not my fault, really.

    This week gave me two opportunites to go fishing.  I went to Homer lake, which is beautiful, but has awful fishing.  I’m in search of a better spot.  Neil and I went to a bunch of places last year, and only one of them seemed really good.  And it wasn’t as serene – lots of boats coming and going.

    Any fisherman will tell you – it’s really about the peace and quite more than catching fish. Well, except maybe the hungry fisherman.  Still, it’s nice to catch fish.  I throw em back, mostly b/c the lake water around here is nasty from fertilizer run-off and I wouldn’t want to eat anything I caught.  I learned to gut a fish last year, but I’ve had no practice, so it’d probably be a horror show if I tried to clean a catch anyway.

    This has been an interersting summer.  Freddie and I have grown closer, and are pretty excited about what the future has.  Freddie is a girl by the way.  haha. I still call her “Lynette” to my parents because I don’t want to freak them out. 

    A friend recently wrote something about being careful not to always say “I’m do xxxx tomorrow” and “I can’t wait for xxxxx,” as if where we are right now isn’t important.  Things that need to be done should be done.  everyone who’s ever had a late bill or missed birthday knows that.  Now matters.  Anyone who’s been reevaluating their life, like me, knows that too.

    I just had a birthday, which was cause for much introspection.  It is every year, but this past year seems to have brought more changes than most.  A lot of my friends graduated, moved away, or vanished into cyberspace.  Some old ones have resurfaced thanks to Facebook.  So, maybe it was an even-stephen year?  How was your year?  I guess that question only makes sense on your birthday.  Or maybe on the first of the year.

    I’m thinking about jobs now.  I had an interview last month that went well, but I suppose I wasn’t their man.  Actually, I really wasn’t their man.  I kinda knew it going in.  Still, I had been hopeful b/c it had gone so well.  That job found me.  Now it’s my turn to do the work. 

    I suppose I’ll do it tomorrow.


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