April 6, 2007

  • 11:43 AM (CST)

    Ok just to spite freddie, here's a fresh post!

    Big Johnnyork show tonight.  Whoot!  still not sure who's working the door though.  Aiya.

    Went out to Springfield last night to see JCS with Freddie.  it was awesome!

    Easter weekend.  Good times!

    what else...hmmm...lots of new music lately.  over the last month or two.

    Kings of Leon, Feist, Idlewild, Field Music, Modest Mouse, The Bird and the Bee, Arcade Fire, Kaiser Chiefs, Aerogramme, Bestnard Lakes, Explosions in the Sky, Lodger, Voxtrot, Heartless Bastards (ok...that's 2 years old...)

    Big developments at work.  Might actually gradumacate one day.

    Drinking a diet coke.  my leg hurts.  good and bad times.


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