August 21, 2006

  • 6:34 PM (CST) | Part 1

    Went on a leaders “retreat” for Excel last week.  It was mostly an info session to get ready for the coming semester. 

    Saw SoaP.  AWESOME!  haha.  and ridiculously bad.  So bad it was good. Awesome, in fact.

    Listening to all kinds of music.  Imogen Heap.  Angels and Airwaves.  Muse.  Coheed.  Good times.

    Life’s busy.  Johnnyork show at the Phoenix this Saturday night.  Got another one at the Iron Post coming up soon too!

    Here are some pics i took at the retreat. Sorry I’m not in any of them!  i’m always the only ones taking pics :P

    Currently Listening
    Speak For Yourself
    By Imogen Heap, Imogen Heap

    Currently Listening
    We Don’t Need to Whisper
    By Angels and Airwaves

    Currently Listening
    Black Holes and Revelations
    By Muse

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  • this is crap, how come i dont see u in any of the pics?

    also, u didnt answer my question.

    i forgot what SoaP is damnit. its gonna bother me forever. i hate u.

  • its a thin biodegradable ceramic that looks like an egg with seeds and soil and plant growth inside, its Japanese!

    it grew! the basil shoots are showing!!!!

    yeah i really look pathetic in that picture.

  • They’re kinda on the expensivo side its about $8 an eggling, you could buy a lot of seeds and get some soil and terra cotta pots at Home Depot for much cheaper.


    definitely not as cute.

  • wow pictures pictures.. lots of them, but where are the pics of you?

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