August 15, 2006

  • 10:22 AM (CST) | Part 1

    Oi back in another two-day GK12 meeting.  At least today we’re on the first floor of the Union, so I’ve got wireless.  Going to be a crazy week.  Meeting yesterday and today.  TA Orientation Fascillitation (w/ steeeevo) tomorrow and Thursday, and then the Excel leaders retreat thursday-saturday.  I’m having to do my normal work at night b/c my days are getting eaten up.

    Been listening to the new Muse nonstop….it’s out of control. 

    Pics I took at the wedding on Friday:


    Currently Listening
    Black Holes and Revelations

    Currently Listening
    She Wants Revenge

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  • you can get 2nd floor wireless in some corners

  • What is GK? For some odd reason, I keep thinking it’s Grade Kindergarten

  • GK12 is the graduate teaching fellowship I was part of for a few years.  I taught in a 10th-grade chemistry classroom.

    it stands for, loosely, “Graduate/K-12″ meaning that graduate students teach in classrooms that can range from Kindergarden to 12th grade.  so, in a way, you were right.

    in general, we never have anyone placed in a class below 8th grade, though.

  • nice pictures. How have you been?

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